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SPARCS 2014 Conference Livestream

Looking for something to do June 20th – 22nd without leaving your home?  Looking to learn more about canine behavior from experts in their fields?  Grab your computer, a comfy spot and listen to the SPARCS 2013 Conference Livestream!  This is an amazing opportunity to hear from animal behavior specialist, biologists and canine behavior experts on a wide variety of topics.

Sparcs Brochure cover

What is SPARCS?  From their brochure:

Current dog training practices are based on outdated knowledge, with
even popular celebrity trainers suggesting techniques more than 50
years behind modern behavioral research. A Seattle non-profit has
started a revolution to change this. The Society for the Promotion
of Applied Research in Canine Science (SPARCS) has created an
open-access public platform where modern canine science can be
presented, discussed and debated by the greatest dog experts from
around the world.

I know where I will be June 20 – 22!  Want to learn more?  Click any of the links below to look at the schedule, read more about the speakers and topics and bookmark the livestream feed!


Speakers and Topics / Conference Brochure

Livestream Link

Happy learning!


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