“Do as I Do” Training Method

In the never ending quest for dog training best practices, a new training technique out of Budapest has emerged.  This new method called the “Do as I Do” method supposedly teaches your dog by showing them what you want.  Yes…you heard me right…showing.  

It’s called the “do as I do” approach, and rather than using reward-punishment or a clicker as training aids, it calls on the canine ability to imitate human actions.

Essentially, you simply show the dog what to do.  Seems simple enough.  The issue though is that you have to have a dog already trained to the point where they are giving you their undivided attention.  They have to focus on you and only you to get it.  I remember when I was training my first dog I’d spend hours each week just working on the ‘watch me’ command so that I had my dogs full attention.  I would image that before you could even attempt something like a “do as I do” method your dog already has to have a high level of training or just be that intuitive at training.

Kudos to the trainer in the video below.  It’s impressive stuff but I don’t know if I could even get Blizzard to sit long enough to watch what I was doing…


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