126lb Border Collie?!

Just as it’s important to stay away from bad pet food, you really shouldn’t feed human food to your dog either!  Below is an image of a dog from the UK who’s owner felt she was ‘pampering’ her dog by feeding her all kinds of rich ‘people’ meals.  She could only walk for 3 minutes at a time before becoming exhausted.  Just look at this dog:



At her highest weight she weighed 126lbs… oh and in case you can’t tell, that’s a Border Collie.

Luckily she’s now down to 63lbs but still has a ton of weight to lose.  

Just remember, we love our furry family members but need to keep them slim and trim for their health!

Full article can be accessed here:  World’s fattest dog slims to half her weight



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3 responses to “126lb Border Collie?!

  1. Yeah, although it can be down to the food, it can also be down to overly pampering like you said, aw poor dog, i hope he gets better soon x

  2. Run A Muck Ranch


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