Night Time Walking

Walking Blizzard is something that’s really important and due to my schedule I need to do it either before work or after work.  Either way, it’s dark by the time I have an opportunity to walk him.  Like, really dark.  I have a black hat, black scarf, black coat and often wear black pants.  Not exactly the safest color to wear while walking.  

I could get reflective clothing and will eventually but with the holidays just walking up don’t have the money to outfit.  

I was at my most recent ‘hang out store’ awhile back (REI for those curious minds) and found a little product that has shed some light on the issue of night time walking (yes, yes, I just made a terrible pun).

Let me introduce you to ‘Spotlit” by Nite Ize.  It’s a powerful little LED light that attaches via a small carabiner to your dogs color or leash.  Easy on, easy off.  

Image  Image

The light has two modes; steady and flashing.  It is water proof, light weight and has a battery life of roughly 20 hours with replaceable batteries.  I have the white LED but you can purchase it in a variety of different colors including a ‘disco’ color if you want to have a little fun on your night walks.  

At around 7 dollars, it’s extremely economical.  


  1. The light is very bright.  I had considered purchasing a reflective collar for Blizzard but as my husband pointed out, any collar I’d put on him is lost in his fur.  If you have a short haired breed then a reflective collar might work well, but I needed something more.  
  2. It’s lightweight so even a small dog could comfortable handle this on their collar.
  3. The carabiner is easy to use so you can quickly take it on and off your dog.
  4. Inexpensive.
  5. Replaceable batteries.


  1. If you do a ton of walking at night each day you’ll be replacing batteries fairly often.
  2. To operate, you just push the light.  However, it is tough to push.  I can see how some folks might have a hard time operating it and certainly young children would struggle.
  3. Works better if you have a doubled ring color.  If I put it on a single ring collar it flips back with the leash and lights the back of the neck.  I want it to light the front so I recommend using a double ringed collar to keep it on the chest.

This is a mighty little light.  If you do night walking, hiking, camping or anything in which you want to add some visibility to your dog I highly recommend this device.  Plus, it turned Blizzard into “Iron Dog” so it gets extra cool points!


As I said, you can get this at REI in store or online:

You can also go directly to the Nite Ize site:

Happy Walking!


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