Water on the Go

In this heat it’s really important to keep your four-legged companion hydrated.  Just as need to drink regularly so do our dogs, and this is especially important while on the go.  Carting water around and a bowl for your dog might be an issue.  I’ve tried portable bowls (which I do love…they just take forever to dry out) as well as other methods by which to keep my dogs hydrated.

There is no perfect solution.  The trick is finding something that is portable, easy to carry, will hold enough water, is easy to clean and is something that your dog can drink from.  There are a ton of products out there that do at least one of these, but finding a product to do all three is well…kinda like finding the holy grail.

Awhile back I purchased and used the Outward Hound portable water bowl.  I did love this set and if I could find it (seems to have gotten lost in the cross-country shuffle) I would continue to use it. 

Available on Outward Hound’s website or at Petsmart

It has a pouch for you put a water bottle and a foldable water bowl that fits into the pouch with the water bottle itself.  Very handy!  There are a few cons though.  The strap is extremely short and if you like to put things cross shoulder you can’t.  With a bottle of water it tends to get heavy and since the strap is short it will dig into your shoulders.  If you only go out occasionally this is great, but if you’re headed out frequently you might find the water bowl itself isn’t dry; its heavy nylon and takes awhile to dry.  This particular package comes with the smaller 24 oz bowl which I find can be a challenge for my 65lb Golden to drink from.  They do sell the bowls separately and you can purchase those up to a 72oz size; but with the larger size portability goes down.

Bigger bowl available in a variety of sizes; 24oz, 48oz and 72oz.

At the 2012 UKC premier another exhibitor shared an amazing potable water bottle for your dog.  Not only are they fashionable, easy to clean, portable but there is only one component to carry.  The H204k9 water bottle for dogs is a really nice addition to the world of products that can you keep your dog hydrated while on the go. 

Oracle drinks from the H204K9 water bottle.

The water bottles are made of stainless steel.  The “bowl” the dog drinks from (Oracle is enjoying some in the pic above) is made of plastic and is the cap for the bottle.  When you’re done, the cap/bowl is designed in such a way that you can easily pour the not drunk water back into the bottle and you screw the cap/bowl back on.  No wasted water! 

H204K9 Water bottle. Available in a variety of colors. 24.5oz size.

It really is an amazing system and fulfills almost all of my requirements for a great dog hydration system!  Where it falls flat is that my Golden has a hard time drinking from it.  He can get water, he just has trouble doing it.  However, it really is one of the best portable water bottles for dogs out there!  What I love about this system is that it’s really environmentally friendly!  You aren’t buying a plastic bottle and you can reuse it indefinitely.  It’s available in a 24.5oz size and the smaller 9.5oz size. 

h204K9 9.5oz water bottle.

So what do you use?  I’m always looking for great products to review and share.  Send your suggestions along!



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2 responses to “Water on the Go

  1. Wendy Mydlo

    I also use the H2OK9 bottle. If you buy it from the web site it’s $9.95 plus shipping and handling. You can get them from TJMAX for about $7,99 plus tax no shipping required. I like this the best because there is only one thing to carry and you don’t waste water.

    • They are actually 14.99 on their website. TJMax clearenced them out last month so I don’t think they sell them anymore. You can probably get them at botique or smaller run pet stores. The one near us sells them for 16.99. They’re certainly worth it.

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