My Letter to Petco (recent experience)

Blizzard needed a rabies vaccine and I saw no reason to pay the outrageous office visit just to get that vaccine done.  So I took him today to get that vaccine.  Low cost vaccine clinics are a great way to go if you have healthy dogs and just need something done without having to step into a vet’s office.  They are by no means a replacement to regular vet care but in some cases they just make sense.

Needless to say, the line was LONG and I had to wait about an hour.  While in line I had an experience that really turned my stomach (my ears were already turned by the guy in line with the dog that had the shrillest bark I’ve ever heard and barked non-stop without this guy blinking or even once telling his dog to stop – as a matter of fact when I corrected Blizzard for something he shot me the look of death).  Anyways, this particular stomach turning event prompted me to write the below email to Petco:


I attended the vaccine clinic in the store on July 16th.  One of the groomers was going up and down the line talking with people, giving treats and discussing grooming services.  She had with her a brown, long coat Chihuahua (who was a great behaved and good looking dog).  However, I was appalled when she asked the woman in front of me about her Chihuahua’s and if she wanted to breed.  She said “My puppy is AKC registered and has papers…I really want puppies…just let me know if you ever want babies.”  I observed her doing this to another woman with a Chihuahua later on in the store.

I find this extremely unprofessional and appalling for anyone to do but an absolute shame for a Petco worker (who had her Petco branded grooming outfit on) to be doing to random people.

I myself own a purebred and have no problem with people wanting to buy, own and breed purebred dogs.  HOWEVER, asking random people in line at a vaccine clinic is pretty low.  She would be considered a BYB (back yard breeder) by any standard.  You breed to BETTER the breed, make sure they are a good specimen and are healthy.  I know this isn’t Petco’s stance on breeding (I should certainly hope not) but when representing Petco as a worker she represents your brand and I’m certain that’s not the image you want.


Seriously….shame on that groomer for asking random strangers in line at a low cost vaccine clinic.  If you’re going to breed, for the love of all dogs everywhere, breed responsibly!



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4 responses to “My Letter to Petco (recent experience)

  1. Wendy Mydlo

    To many people breed irresponsibly, and dog breeds should have all the clearences. Any thing that has to do with breed problems. My dog in being bred as a stud dog and he is DNA registered, has his eyes cerfed, his throid done, his heart is cerfed his Mdr1 tested and A negative CEA. All the things that are required in our breed. Plus he is a very good specimen and is an International Champion. He races and does what is required for our breed and he’s is within size and standard. He is being bred to a lovely bitch that also has all testing and a great specimin and temprement. I would never buy from anyone that doesn’t do all testing and requirements. I might pay more but will have a much healthier dog. Shame on that groomer.

    • Well exactly. I’m not a Chi expert but I can tell you the dog owners she was asking did not have outstanding examples of the breed. You should NEVER breed or go into breading thinking that you’re going to make money. The clearances alone cut deep into your pockets and then additional care takes most of the rest.

  2. Amy McSwain

    It is just as bad as a girl, who when I was judging the dog project folders at the fair, had put in her folder and told me verbally that her parents were breeding her dog and would keep breeding until they made enough money to put her through college. I am glad you are an educated dog person and wrote that letter.

    • Thanks Amy!

      I’m actually pretty sure I know who you’re talking about and it made me really sad. Dogs shouldn’t be bred every cycle and after awhile you want to just stop and remove them from the breeding program for the health of the dogs. You can’t just breed a dog to death for money…. that’s awful. While I myself do buy purebred dogs I know that there are so many dogs in shelters that are an option as well. Back yard breeders should be ashamed of themselves.

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