Thurston’s Barkery is opening soon!  The website is currently up and ready for viewing.  Please go to:

We are currently working on all Washington State licensing and registration and once that has all cleared Thurston’s will open for business and the online store will be up and running!

Thurston’s will need a little booster help and as soon as I have all the information I’ll pass that along.  Look for future information on how you can help support the growth of Thurston’s on Kickstarter IndieGoGo.

We’ll be starting off with the online store and doing local events/shows.  The eventual goal is to house Thurston’s in a physical store here in Washington and we’ll work towards that happening down the road!

This is extremely exciting to see a dream become reality!  Thanks for being along for the ride and you’ll be rewarded with some of the most amazing treats ever made!

Barkculture will continue to provide you with all the interesting and fun tidbits you’ve come to enjoy.  We’ll still post recipes and occasional updates on Thurston’s Barkery but rest assured this blog will remain a fun source for opinion pieces and information.  You can follow us on Twitter @tbarkery for updates, coupons and discount codes for our treats!


Erica & Blizzard


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