UKC 2011 Premier

The UKC 2011 Premier is in full swing!

It’s one of the few reasons I’m sad I don’t live in Michigan anymore.  Headquartered in Kalamazoo, MI the United Kennel Club is a fantastic experience for dog enthusiasts and avid dog showers.  Since they are headquartered in Michigan I have yet to find any shows out here in the Pacific Northwest which makes me one sad puppy.

The Premier invites top dogs from the year and has them compete for top honors!  I absolutely love the UKC because of it’s friendly atmosphere, how laid back it is (albeit sometimes a little too laid back), attention to alternative sporting events, as well as the chance to give young kids a great start in the dog world.  If you’re just starting off showing this is the place to start!  They often mix fun with pleasure at their shows giving young pups (under 6 months of age) a chance to strut their stuff and compete in their best puppy competition.  It give them early exposure to the show ring, socializing and the parade of puppies in the ring is an absolute crowd pleaser!  Young children are allowed to get some practice in the ring with junior handling; much younger than they allow in UKC.  It’s a way to let kids experience a dog show in a safe and friendly environment.  Judges will often give advice as they work with the youngest of kids and the best part is there are no winners or losers at this young of an age.  Everyone walks away with some sort of ribbon, experience and feeling good about their future in the show ring!

I truly miss the ability to show in the UKC and hope everyone back in Kalamazoo Michigan is have a fantastic show!  Good luck to all competitors.

If you want to keep track of results, you can do so here:



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2 responses to “UKC 2011 Premier

  1. Wendy Mydlo

    You forgot to mention a few thing about the UKC Premier, There are NO professional handlers alowed in any UKC shows. You have to show your own dog so if it’s your first time showing a dog you are going up against other people that are showing their dogs. some of them are very good and some not so good and that’s the catagorie I fall into, but I’ve finished my doberman. With the juniors they start at peewee so a 2 year old can show and all the kids get ribbons and they don’t get points until the older age but boy they are entertaining. I prefer to show UKC the people are friendlier and more willing to help a new comer with questions tn how to show and groom.. Yes I’m at the premier for the weekend.
    Wendy Mydlo

    • Well, I didn’t forget to mention them…I was going to and probably still will, put up a post on the differences and my thoughts of AKC vs UKC. You do bring up really good points though and I’m glad you mentioned them as they are all reasons that I love the UKC.

      Very jealous you’re there! Hope you have a great time!

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