Craigslist – Examples

Please see my previous post for the longer “rant”.  I wanted to post some stellar examples of what I see and what’s so sickening about them.

First up, a lovely example of complete and utter responsability.  You get a lab/golden mix (looks like a Flat Coated Retriever to me) and don’t bother to research size only to find out that the manager doesn’t allow big dogs?  Oh, and if you’re going to post, check your grammar.  

Hi i have a 6 month old puppy that i need to rehome due to manger don’t allow big dogs. She is all up to date on her shots. She loves kids and other dogs. I don’t know about cats but I’m sure she would get along with cats she would not hurt a fly. She’s a lover. She is Potty train. And is kennel train. She likes going to the dog park and play with the other dogs. I am asking 150 for her rehoming fee. I put alot money in this pup and found out I cant have a big dog. If you think you may be interested in this sweet loving puppy then feel free to get back to me. I can be reach by email or text at 971-340-7558.

Next we have a great example of someone who just doesn’t care about their pet anymore.  Also, notice they say the dog has “slight food aggression” and follows that up with “But what dog doesn’t?”  Umm…hate to tell you but a well trained and socialized dog doesn’t have food aggression.  

My wife and I will be moving to a place where we will not be able to keep our sweet Maebell :..(
She is a 7 years old, 55lbs, akita/border collie mix. She is low maintenance, independent and a great guard dog.
She is at her best as the only pet in the household (will do O.K. with other dogs, just not smaller dogs) and is very loyal once she gets comfortable.
She has SLIGHT food aggression toward other dogs (but what dog doesn’t??).
She is O.K. with kids, but sort of avoids them – but has never snapped at anyone.
She tends to roam if not fenced in and doesn’t necessarily come back when called. Other than that she is a GREAT and loving dog.
She comes with three different leashes, a harness, a food/water dish, a dog bed, 2 brushes & nail clippers. (We may ask approx. $50 for all of the supplies, but this is negotiable.)
We are VERY sad to have to find a new home for her, but we know that she will bless another family as much as she has blessed us.

And finally…. wow…just wow.  First, this person didn’t know a black lab would get big.  Second, they didn’t realize a dog actually needed training?  What do you mean…they don’t just come perfect?  Oh and she has two small kids so no time for the dog.  How about integrating the kids into what you do with the dog?  Going to the park; take the dog with you.  Go for a walk with the family.  I bet the young kids would love to play fetch.  Perfect outside dog?  I bet he wasn’t that way until you threw him outside and forgetting about him. Oy…

Have to give away our 8 mo. old black lab because he is just too big for our place. He also needs to be trained. I have two little kids and just have no time for him. He would be a perfact outside dog. We’ll give away his dog house, too. Don’t hesitate to call or text any time for more info. (360) 608-1843


Okay… enough ranting on Craigslist.  You get my point. Dogs take responsibly and forethought.  They aren’t a plant you can get, a piece of furniture or a new toy and suddenly decide you don’t have time or interest for them. I wish people would please think of these things before hand.  We live in a “throw away” culture and animals have come to constitute something we can just through away.


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