Frequency of Posts

Hello dear readers!

Just a quick check to see what you prefer in terms of posting.  My husband got me hooked at looking at site stats and now the researcher in me can’t turn my brain off trying to figure out what the ups and downs all mean.

So, I come to you with this question: What do you think of the frequency of postings?

  • Do you think I post too much?
  • Do you think I post too little?
  • Are my posting days too sporadic to follow?
  • Would you rather I have set posting times (say Monday, Wednesday and Friday)?
  • Are the topics too diverse; i.e. You’d rather see me focus on one thing?
  • Do you want me to post everyday with each day of the week set aside for a different topic?  (I can’t promise this will happen, especially as it gets close to baby time but I can make an effort).
Let me know!  Your voice matters here at BarkCulture.  Let your opinions fly!


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2 responses to “Frequency of Posts

  1. dcrampton

    Using RSS to get notifications of new posts mitigates a lot of your concerns. I do 90% of my online reading through Google Reader, so I can take as little or as much time to read and comment as I’d like.

    I think that you post as much as you do because it’s your passion. Do I think you come off as a crazed nutball who can’t stop hitting post? No. Do I get the feeling that this is a topic that you are excited about, and is close to your heart? Yes.

    I’d say don’t organize your postings too much… you might lose the genuine excitement and involvement with the subject that you have, so far, communicated very well.

    • Thanks Dave! All good stuff. I’m glad that my passion comes through. I have so much to talk about that it’s hard to *not* post. lol

      Your response is so very appreciated! Makes me feel better 🙂

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