So after reading the latest article on CNN about Etsy’s success (and thereby the success of those who post on Etsy) I was curious to see what Etsy had to offer in terms of pet crafts/gear/goods.  I also wanted to use the opportunity to check out potential online competition in the dog treat market.

What I discovered was that there was some amazing items, some okay items and some downright weird stuff!  If you ever have a lazy afternoon with nothing to do, browsing through Etsy is actually a fun experience.  If you like some of the fun sample stuff below then I just might very well make this a regular feature!  You tell me if you want to see more.  After all, not all of us have time to browse through over 17,000 pet related items on Etsy so why not let someone else do the work?  Etsy is a treasure drove and if you’re interested in weird Etsy items beyond pet related there’s a site for that: Regretsy!

Let’s start with some good!  These are products I would consider purchasing and have indeed bookmarked for possible purchase.

*Please note, all pictures are respectively owned by the original poster on Etsy.  Please click the picture to link to the original post.

Seriously… this is cool because while this is intended to be a “Jumping Dog” if you but the front half and place it strategically in your house you’re thinking with Portals!  (Note: You probably have to be a game geek to get the reference and since I am I find humor in this).

This stuffed animal is just adorable!  I would almost buy this for my youngest daughter.  I don’t know if it would stand up to my “destructo dog” who tears the stuffing out of things with zest, but I think he’s absolutely adorable.  Now if only I could get adorable and rugged together!

If you’re a responsible dog owner (and I’m sure you are) then you always carry poop bags with you.  Why not carry them with in something so cute?

I have a thing for owls and I think this collar is super cute!  I might even be able to get away with it on a male dog.

I LOVE dog tags that you can get outside of your standard pet store.  Old timey looking things are always a favorite of mine as well and this tag fits both requirements.

Now, the not so good…

I have always and I do mean always hated this expression on anything!  Please stop using it.  It’s not funny, it’s not cute and I wish it would go away.

O..m…g… a Mohawk hat for your dog.  I had a Frenchie who I would put sweaters and coats on because she was genuinely cold but a Mohawk hat?  Really?  There’s a market for this?

Again, dressing your dog because they are genuinely cold is one thing but really?  A purple dress?  I just can’t wrap my head around it…

This cat looks absolutely thrilled!  Wouldn’t you agree?  I don’t personally own a cat but for those cat owners out there, would your cat actually keep this dandy outfit on?

And now for a genuine…wtf?

Umm…eww?  Would you seriously want this lying around on the floor?  Oh don’t mind the bloody looking tampon, it’s just my cat’s toy.

Sure… a fetus cat toy… “Nuff said.

So, these of course all represent my own personal tastes and I don’t mean to offend anyone who might possible put cowboy hats on their cats while they run around playing with bloody tampon looking cat toys…

Like I said, there are a number of items on Etsy that I love, don’t get and downright hate.  So, if the dear audience wants to see more, I will gladly share!  (And I might anyways, especially with the good stuff!)


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