Want to be a Bone-affied Treat Taste Tester?

That’s right!  The test kitchen is looking for bone-affied canine taste testers!  No, not humans….the four legged furry kind!

It became painfully obvious to me this evening that Blizzard will most likely eat anything.  I came to this realization after looking up to see my youngest daughter ripping up a paper napkin and giving it to the dog.  And guess what?  Yes, he was actually eating it!

So, I would like to invite a small crew of taste testers to tell me what you think!  If you’re interested please answer the following questions either by posting back in the comments here or sending me an email!

What’s in it for you?

Once a month you’ll receive a variety sample pack of treats from the “test kitchen”.  That’s right, you’ll get free, homemade organic treats for your four legged friend!

What do you need to do?

That’s easy!  Just give your dog the treats and then let me know what they thought of them!  I’ll give you a small form with the treats that you’ll fill out and mail back in the prepaid envelope.  You’ll tell me thing like:

  • How well did they like them? did the smell seem to get them drooling?
  • Did they seem to want seconds?
  • Did it take them long to eat them or did they swallow them whole?
  • Did you think the treat was too big, too small or just right?
  • What did you, the human, think of these particular treats?
  • Any suggestions for improvement?
Simple!  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today!  At the end of June I’ll let you know if your four legged friend has been chosen to be a bone-affied treat taste tester!
Will you ship?
Absolutely!  I’ll ship the treats anywhere within the United States.
Can I make a treat request?
You certainly can but depending on the monthly menu I don’t know if I’ll be able to immediately honor it or not.
Will you be shipping spreads with the treats?
I’m up in the air on that one as of yet.  Most frostings and spreads need to be refrigerated and I’d hate to put your pup in stomach distress by shipping something that might or might not make it during the shipping process.  If you’re local to Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA I will gladly hand deliver the spreads for testing.
Is there any cost to me?
Nope!  Just asking for you time and honest opinion!
Questions to Answer (if interested in being a bone-affied treat taste tester)
Email address:
Dog(s) name:
Type of dog(s):
What do you currently feed your dog(s)?
What type of treats do you currently give your dog(s)?
What is your dog(s) favorite food?
Is there anything your dog(s) won’t eat?
Does your dog(s) have a sensitive stomach?
Does your dog(s) have any allergies?
Why do you want your dog(s) to become a taste tester?
Are you willing to provide honest feedback after each monthly sample kit?
Why should I chose you to become a taste tester?
Please include a picture of yourself and your dog!
Good Luck!
*Not all who apply will be chosen.  All applicants will be notified of the decision by the first week of July.  Taste testers will be chosen based on applications received and are at the sole discretion of myself.  There is no implied time limit for how long the testing will continue.  You are guaranteed to receive at least one monthly sample pack.  If you do not return the included questionnaire you will no longer receive or be eligible to receive monthly sample packs. 

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