DogPaw – Clark County’s Dog Park

Memorial day was nice and sedate. It included another trip to Clark County’s Dog Park; DogPaw (Dog Owners Group for Park Access in Washington).

This extremely impressive dog park is run entirely by volunteers and is not in any way city funded.  I have been to dog parks in Oregon, Washington and Michigan and I must say that this is by far the most well kept and well designed dog park I have ever been to.

First, this park is HUGE and completely fenced for off-lease romps.  They have an area for small dogs and a main dog park that any dogs can enjoy.  This way, if you have a smaller dog you’re worried about getting rolled by a larger one you can just keep safe in the separate, smaller area.







The second thing about this dog park that I love is that as you can see in the above and below picture it’s got a designated walking trail that span the outskirts of the entire park.  If you walk the trail once you’ve gone about a half a mile.  This type of design is unique and keeps dogs and owners moving in the park instead of clumped in one place where a large number of dogs can congregate (and tiffs can break out).  Even when the park is busy it doesn’t feel it because of the design.   If you want to play ball or other activities there is plenty of open grass space for the furry four legs to do just that.  It’s fantastic exercise for dog and owner alike!

Setting off; the start of the dog park's trail


They provide plenty of spaces to sit and rest while your dog gets some exercise

And finally, this park is absolutely picturesque.  If you have a willing dog (I don’t…lol) you can get some fantastic shots!

The picture would have been amazing had he held his ears up!


Blizzard found a happy spot


Look at that amazing Golden reach!


After one go around Blizzard was done.

They are currently raising money to put in a water station.  They currently have $700 of the $3200 they need.  For now, you can always find a fresh supply of water.  Blizzard is picky and won’t drink out of water bowls that have been drunk out of by other dogs.  I find this reassuring since I know he’s less likely to contract something that way.  I just always make sure to bring a travel water bowl and fresh water for him.


You know he's tired when he just lays in the van and is ready to go home!


So, if you are in Clark County Washington or anywhere near it I highly suggest checking this dog park out!  It’s absolutely spectacular.  The only thing I”m not happy about is that males over 1 year of age that are unaltered can no longer visit the park.  Females in heat are not allowed but unaltered females are.  I’m not sure I find this policy entirely fair.  There is a false assumption that unaltered males are aggressive.  This is not true.  I think it should be up to the owner to determine whether or not their dog has a disposition that belongs in a dog park.  Likewise, if you have a female you should be able to tell when your dog is in heat to prevent any accidents.  It is absolutely best to spay and neuter your dogs. In my case, Blizzard is on a show contract and I’m waiting until he matures to see what his prospects are.  If by the age of three he hasn’t matured to a point that he should be shown in the confirmation ring or bred then I will indeed have him neutered.


Do you have a dog park you love?  Send pics and stories and I’ll post them here at Bark Culture!



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4 responses to “DogPaw – Clark County’s Dog Park

  1. Wendy Mydlo

    What a great park and look at the size. We have nothing close to that in Mich.

  2. Becky Killian

    when i was in washington up by bellingham i couldn’t believe how many dog parks and off leash areas/trails they had for dogs there, it simply doesn’t compare to my area they were really beautiful too most of them on lakes with a place for the dogs to swim. you should checkit out if you’re ever up in that area

    • Absolutely! We plan on doing a lot more camping this summer. My mom bought me a few books on place to go with your dog in Washington and I can’t wait to try out some of the areas myself! This part of the country is so beautiful and so amazingly dog friendly that sometimes I’m overwhelmed by it all!

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