Crafty Paws – Leash Holder

I had some great “wants” from readers and will cover those when I can!  Thanks for all the suggestions.

Today I wanted to share a “crafty paws” idea that I made last night.  Every time we go out we have to search for Blizzard’s leash so I decided a nice place to hang it was in order.  I could have certainly just drilled a wall hook and called it a day but the crafty paws bug bit me.

The best thing about this crafty paw is that the sky’s the limit in terms of look and embellishments.  If you imagine it you can make it!


  •   Wooden Tile
  •   Scrapbook paper or paint
  •   Hook
  •   Embellishment glue
  •   Mod podge or collage glue
  •   Foam brush
  •   Scissors
  •   Embellishments
  •   Ribbon or Wire
  • Optionally you can also include a picture of your pet.  In the supplies photo you’ll notice a picture of Blizzard but I ended up not using it.  These things morph as we go and the finished product looked better without it.
    Whatever hook you choose, make sure it will fit your leash.  I prefer a hook that I can loop the larger part of the leash to the top and the metal latch can loop through the lower hook.  (this particular one doesn’t quite accommodate that but this is how these things go with a first run)
    You want to make sure you use a quality collage type glue such as Mod Podge which is available in any craft store.  Not only does this hold but it also acts as a finish to protect your final work.  It dries clear and you can wipe it clean at any point (important with dogs!).
    You can glue scrap paper on or you can paint the tile.  That is entirely up to you.  I have done both in the past and it’s completely an aesthetics and personal choice.
    Step 1
    Cut your paper (if you’re using paper) to fit the tile.  You will want to cut it slightly smaller than the tile as leaving any hang over will eventually cause the paper to peel even with a good glue.  You can also paint the tile and then apply paper as well for another added dimension.
    Step 1a (optional)
    This is an optional step and just all depends on how you work.  I like to drill my hole and get the hook placement correct prior to putting glue to paper.  This way I have guide holes for when I’m finished and that part of the craft goes quick and easy.  I struggle with hooks likes these and find this works best for me.  You can certainly place the hook after you’re completely done but I find the layers of glue make it a bit challenging.
    Step 2  
    Glue your paper to the tile.  If you’re unfamiliar with using something like Mod Podge you want to coat ALL surfaces.   This means putting glue down on the tile AND the back of the paper.  I use a foam brush for this as it coats the glue evenly and foam brushes are cheap.  You will have to throw the brush out afterwards as the glue will ruin the foam brush.
    In addition to putting glue in the back you also want to cover the front surface with glue.  You’ll want to do a few layers of glue.  This dries fairly quickly and can be done in one sitting.  Make sure you put the glue on thinly and evenly because while it dries clear any glue clumps will show.
    Step 3  
    This is the fun step!  Add your embellishments!  I like to play with placing and format before any glue goes down.  This is how I figured out that the picture of Blizzard wasn’t going to work.  Try different embellishments with different layers and configurations until you like it.  Layering is a fantastic way to add personality and depth so don’t be afraid to put stuff on top of each other or even under the hook!  You can add personal items as well.  The tag that says “companion” in this picture was purchased blank and I filled it in with the world “companion”.  I tried a few different words but this one seemed to fit how I felt about Blizzard.
    Again, put glue where you’re going to paste an item down, the back of the embellishment as well as the front.  Add layers for protection.
    Note: You can see where I predrilled the holes for the hook as it makes a raised bump.  This gives me a great starting point for end placement.
    Step 4
    Add your hook!  If you’ve predrilled your holes as I suggest above in step 1a you can actually add the hook while your glue is still wet for added strength.  If you chose not to then you will want to wait until it’s dried completely.  Hook placement is up to you but I like to add it closer to the bottom so the leash can hang.  
    You’ll also notice I added some paw prints.
    Step 5
    Add your ribbon or wire.  Whatever you want to hang the holder with.  Alternately you can drill the holder directly into the wall for more stability.
    Step 6
    Now you’re ready to let your crafty paw dry.  Let it dry 24 hours before hanging and use.
    Step 7
    Now you’re ready to hang!  
    Viola!  Enjoy your new crafty paw!
    Note: If anyone is interested in acquiring one from me please comment or shoot me an email and we’ll work something out!


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    2 responses to “Crafty Paws – Leash Holder

    1. Wendy Mydlo

      If I send you the money would you make 2 for our auction in Sept for the Silken Windhound rescue? It needs to be done and mailed before the Sept. show. If you let me know I can get the embelishments since they have to be for sight hounds. and I’m the one in charge of the auction.

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