Dear Readers – What would you like?!

Blizzard and I would love your opinion on what you’d like to see.  I have ideas and lately have been focusing on recipes (which will continue since I’m working on getting an actual Dog Bakery up and running) but I want to know what you want to see.


Product reviews?

Understanding Breeds?


Event Coverage?

News/Thoughts from the dog show world?

More personal “day in the life of…” type stories?

I love doing this blog and will continue to do so but if I didn’t want readers I wouldn’t post publicly.  So what do you want to see?


Also, send pics and stories of your own to me and I’ll post them up here as well!


Bark on and Keep Wagging!



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7 responses to “Dear Readers – What would you like?!

  1. Ny

    I want product reviews and event coverage and a How to Dog Show 101, especially updates if y’all are working with Blizz!

    • Will do!

      Product reviews coming up. I have a few now and will work on those. If you have something specific you want to know about please let me know.

      Blizzard will start showing in July (at least that’s the plan…still waiting to see what his front is going to do) but I’ll be hitting up a show next month that’s close!

      Both you and Becky want Dog Show 101 so I will happily oblige on that one.

  2. Wendy Mydlo

    talk about your history with dogs and how you grew up with them.

  3. Wendy Mydlo

    Talk about your history with dogs and when you got started.

  4. Becky Killian

    I’m sorta interested in the steps you go through to prepare a dog for showing and also more pictures >.> but that’s just cause i’m addicted to puppies

    • Can do! I will do process and prep for dog showing and absolutely put in more pictures! I’ll start carrying my camera on me so I can get more shots. I was prepared to do some at the dog park today but the weather turned miserable… poo… Hopefully tomorrow!

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