Salmon Treats

Time to switch from the sweetness of Peanut Butter and Banana treats to the savory flavor of Salmon!  These treats pack a nutritious punch; omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, vitamin C and tons of protein!  The strong odor from the fish is sure to wet any dogs appetite!

Let me say before we go on that if you plan on making this recipe you’re going to want to do it with your windows  open.  These cookies have an extremely pungent odor and the smell with carry from your kitchen throughout your entire house.  Even if you enjoy fish the odor from these can be a bit much.  Your dog however will have his nose to the counter/floor/sniffing the air the entire time you’re baking these.

Blizzard sniffs the air while watching the mixing bowl expectantly.

This recipe, like the previous one has room for your own special flair.  If you don’t want to use oatmeal you can use whole wheat flour and if you don’t want to use the wheat flour you can use more oatmeal.  It’s up to you what you want to use as your primary dough forming agent.  However, if you use wheat flour you lose a bit of the salmon smell that dogs love after the cookies bake.


2 eggs

15oz can of Salmon w/ juice (any combination works fine; small 5 oz cans or one larger 15 oz can)

2 1/4 cups oatmeal (approximate)

Wheat flour for rolling

Tip:  Canned Salmon can be expensive.  At $2.50 per 5 oz can this recipe can be pretty pricey.  I make these when I find canned Salmon on sale and stock up for the future.  I managed to snag these 5 oz cans for $1.00 a piece and a 14.6 oz can was only $2.49.  I bought what the store had so I’d have plenty on hand for the future!


1.  Preheat oven to 350.

2.  Grease your cookies sheets lightly (Again as a reminder I use canola oil but vegetable would work as well; flaxseed is best!  DO NOT use butter or Crisco or any other form of shortening)

3.  In a food processor or food chopper, crack the eggs and put in the entire thing!  Yes, put in the yolk, whites AND the shell.  Egg shells are extremely good for your dog and they love the crunch!  Process well until the egg shells are broken into small pieces.  The eggs themselves will be frothy.  Pour into a large mixing bowl.

Tip: I use a small food chopper that I purchased for around $10 at a local Target.  It doesn’t chop the eggs as fine as I’d like but it works.  Alternately if you don’t have a food processor/chopper you can use a mortar and pestle or even just a hammer to break up the shells.

4.  Dump your cans of salmon with the juice into your food processor.  Run it until the salmon is a bit mushy and extremely juicy.  Pour this into your mixing bowl with the eggs.

5.  Blend Salmon and Eggs until throughly blended together.

6.  Start adding oatmeal slowly.  I would recommend you start with the 2 and 1/4 cups mentioned above but if the dough isn’t forming add more.  You can also add wheat flour which will quickly bring it to dough. 

Tip: This recipe works best with an extremely wet dough.  The wet dough can be hard to work with if you want to use shapes to cut your cookies out.  You can add more oatmeal or roll in more wheat flour until it becomes a consistency you can work with.  However, the more flour you add, the less potent the salmon is.  You can also simply treat these like drop cookies using the wet dough.

7.  Roll the dough out and cut into any shape you like.  I take the literal route and go straight for a fish shaped cookie!

8.  Put into the oven and bake for 30 minutes.  Again, time will vary depending on how thick you cut the cookies.  I like to cut these extremely thick and typically have to add about 10-15 minutes.  Just keep and eye on them; they will be ready to come out when they are a nice golden brown color.

Tip: These large cookies take Blizzard awhile to eat which makes them a nice hearty treat.  However, sometimes I want to be able to give him a quick reward for sitting when asked, going potty outside or waiting when I ask him too.  My solution is to make what I call “poppers”.  You just take the dough you’ve formed and roll them into extremely small little balls.  They take about 1/2 the time to cook but are easy to store and are a great “two bite” dog reward!

9.  After the treats come out you’ll want to cool them on wire racks.

That’s it!  Once cool they will be ready to share!

Warning: These cookies don’t have as long a self as most others due to the salmon.  After about a week you’ll want to store these in the fridge to preserve them longer.  If you live somewhere humid you are safest to put these right from cooling rack into fridge.  Otherwise you’ll have moldy cookies and one disappointed dog.

Let me know how your four footed furry friend likes these!  If you have pictures of your companion enjoying these send them along and I’ll upload them to my blog!

As always if you have a special treat you want tested or to know how to bake, let me know!



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