WCGHS – Hike on the Dike SUCCESS!

The West Columbia Gorge Humane Society’s fundraiser was a HUGE success!  With the generosity of family, friends and my colleagues from Market Strategies I was able to contribute $200 to the WCGHS!  $200!!!!  Thanks so much to all those who contributed!  I was really proud to walk this event and walk I did!  I walked the entire event walk time and both Blizzard and I were extremely beat at the end.  Luckily I had my support team with me; Mike (my husband) Finnegan (my son) and Braewyn (my 16 month old daughter).  We had to take a break for water and swimming but otherwise we were zooming!  It helped that the event location was absolutely spectacular; the Pacific Northwest at it’s finest!

There was plenty to do besides the walk and we had a great time.  We got to see a K9 Police demonstration, visit with the shelter dogs and Blizzard was declared (unofficially) the most adorable dog at the event!

I cannot express my gratitude enough to those who sponsored a pledge for Blizzard and I.  Enjoy these photos from the event!  Can’t wait until next year!

Costume Contest Winner

Wait...shouldn't he be walking?

The friendliest Chi ever! He loved Braewyn.


Fireman Finnegan!

BIG dog!

Another BIG dog

Support Team Member - Braewyn...wait...is she sleeping?! What kind of support is that?

Blizzard is ready and waiting for the walk to begin.

Yummy and fun dog and cat cupcakes

Available shelter dogs

Gaggle of Goldens

This guy was walking around taking photos with his Nintendo 3DS! Love the Geekery.

Walk Start


Walk Leader

Walk View - Gorgeous!

Swim break!

After swim roll. Is there anything better?

Walk Scenery

Break point

Support Team on break

Vancouver K-9 Police demonstration

End of the walk rest. Happy dog is happy!

Mike, Braewyn and Blizzard waiting for the bomb dog demo.

He really is the world's best pooper scooper!

See you next year! In the meantime you can always donate or volunteer at the shelter 🙂



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2 responses to “WCGHS – Hike on the Dike SUCCESS!

  1. I think the “World’s Best Poop Scoop” sums it right up. And now I’m giggling madly. :)!

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