Blizzard meets the Lake

When it stops raining around here in the Pacific Northwest it means get your butt outside!  

We took Blizzard to the local park which also has a lake.  Being that he lived with the breeder he had never been swimming in a pond or at a local lake so I wanted to introduce him to this wonder.

He took to it like I thought he would.  He wouldn’t “swim” and being a young pup I don’t want to force him into anything.  He’ll learn at his pace.

He absolutely loved running in the water, ripping back and forth from water to shore.  He would go as far as he could with his feet still touch ground though and would go no further.  He’ll be a great swimmer, just takes time!

Here are some of the images from this momentous occasion.

Woah...this is all...wet!!!

Whatcha doing? Can I fish too?

Planning his next move.

Break time in the grass.

I'm such a happy pup!

Oooh... whatcha got there?


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