Fear of “Name Commitment”

Naming a dog is a very intimate affair.  I’ve gotten a few older dogs that came pre-named and typically change them so that they have meaning for me.  Blizzard however was a different story.

Blizzard was born on Jan 1st, during a heavy snow storm; a rarity in the Northwest where we live.  His litter mate, who the breeder was keeping, was named Flurry.  Not only did his name have meaning related to his birth but Blizzard is a video game company that makes games out entire family plays and enjoys.  His name had double personal meaning already for us and while I was disappointed I wouldn’t be getting to name my dog “Thurston”, I didn’t feel compelled to change his name.  His call name wasn’t the problem.

Picking an AKC name is something completely different.  Weeks later, I’m still sitting on his AKC papers because I can’t bring myself to commit to his registered show name.  They need to have meaning AND they need to be different and unique.  As an example, my last Golden’s name was “Pele”.  Her show name was Delirious Choirgirl.  Tori Amos fans (one of my favorite female singers) will recognize the immediate ties.

            Pele – Tori Amos’ album, “Boys for Pele”

            Delirious – For “Delirium”; Neil Gaiman’s Sandman character who was modeled off of Tori Amos

            Choirgirl – Tori Amos’ album, “From the Choirgirl Hotel”

As you can see, names have meaning to me, even if they only make sense to me.  It’s like my little secret.

For Blizzard, I want to give a nod to the storm in which he was born as well as to the video company we love.  I’ve come up with a nice long list but just can’t commit to ANY of them.

So far, the front runner is “Storm on the Bluff” but I find it to be far too pedestrian and much too subtle.  “Storm” of course for his namesake Blizzard and the “Bluff” is in reference to a place in World of Warcraft; Thunderbluff.

So, here I sit with registration papers filled out completely except for his name.  I’m going to have to commit soon as I need to get them in with enough time to get them back for July conformation shows.

I don’t know what I’m going to do.  Time is running out and I have yet to find that name that “sparkles” for me.  The perfect name for me would be something that an announcer at Westminster would comment on; something different, something fun, but most of all something that has special meaning for me.  I’ll have to commit something to paper soon… I don’t want to hold up the start of his show career over my fear of “name commitment”!



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2 responses to “Fear of “Name Commitment”

  1. Wendy Mydlo

    I still think shana? blizzard of oz has a special meaning to you and you can’t deney it.

  2. Shana? What’s that?

    Blizzard of Oz…no way! I hate the Wizard of Oz, so yes, while it would be “special” it’s special in the wrong way.

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