Spoiled or just Ridiculous?

I came across this ad in a magazine the other day and was intrigued.  I really wanted this:

So I hopped online and started browsing their products and get an idea of pricing.  It’s listed at $2,350 + $350 shipping.  I ruminated on this all day.

When my husband and I went to bed that night, I rolled over and said, “You know that dog kennel dresser I showed you the other day?  I’d like to get it.”  As with most of my flights of fancy, he didn’t immediately reply so I offered some help.  “It’s only $3,000!”

At that point my husband was beside himself and informed that there were much better things we could purchase for $3,000… “Hell,” he said, “You could buy me all the supplies PLUS tools and I could MAKE you that for less than $3,000”.  I jibed him, and retorted, “Well, yes, but would it be the same quality?”

He then pointed out that once Blizzard was potty trained and trusty worthy in the house we would have no need for a kennel.  My reply?  “We could use it for our next puppy!”.  He paused and quietly said, “I was afraid you were going to say that.”

We then went on to come up with extremely ludicrous dog kennel + furniture ideas, laughing ourselves hoarse.  However, even when we settled down to sleep, I said, “Hey babe, when I have the money I think I’m going to buy the dog kennel dresser”.  His exasperated sigh told me what he thought of that idea.

You can see all their great furniture here:  http://spotsaspoileddog.com/index.htm



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4 responses to “Spoiled or just Ridiculous?

  1. Wendy Mydlo

    You could also use it as a playpen and put the babies in it, it has lots of room. But I agree with Mike. you don’t need another dag until you move into a house.

    • Multi-Functional at it’s best!

      I didn’t say we’d be getting a new dog anytime soon. Blizzard has a while until he’ll be trustworthy to run the house. 🙂

  2. Becky Killian

    you may want to be careful about picking that kennel up my old dog had a real issue with crates/kennels that didn’t let a lot of light in, she was ok in a wire one where he could see out and light could get in but the other one we had originally that was mostly plastic drove her crazy. don’t know if that’s just a my dog thing or a regular characteristic of dogs though. i’ve only had one.

    • Great point! Ventilation and sunlight are integral to any dogs well being. I’ve used the airline crates (the plastic ones you’re talking about) and some dogs require a sturdy crate like that for their protection. Some dogs can’t stand being enclosed like that either though. We don’t crate Blizzard unless we aren’t going to be home and he gets crated at night in a soft sided kennel that is next to our bed. So, this type of solution would work for us in the short term. If you were to get a piece of furniture like this you’d need to make sure it’s in a well ventilated area or an area that gets great airflow. It definitely wouldn’t be for every dog! I can see a big dog pawing and shaking enough to shake the drawers open or causing things on top to tumble! lol

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